Real or Fake Trees

Choose the perfect tree for the family festivities this Christmas

Being part of “team real” in the real versus artificial Christmas tree debate is something people feel great pride in. At Leigh Trees, we understand that there’s nothing quite like a real Christmas tree. Choosing it with your family, standing in the chilly air debating the benefits of various heights and shapes signals that Christmas has well and truly arrived. 

They look stunning, their fresh pine smell is incredible and they’re not as difficult to care for as you might have feared. Or perhaps you’ve not had the opportunity to consider a real one before. Well, now’s your chance to find out why so many of us love real Christmas trees. Our handy guide helps you pick your perfect tree.

Why opt for a real tree? Real Christmas trees are…

  • The traditional choice
  • Rich with a wonderful smell
  • Available in species with good needle retention – so less mess to clean up
  • Part of the annual family ritual – choose the ‘right one’ for you and your family
  • Available in a variety of sizes to best suit your space
  • Unique and individual – each one is different
  • Increasingly easy to dispose of responsibly after the holidays
  • Eco-friendly, as they’re fully biodegradable
  • Temporary – change your size or style next year for a whole new look
  • Economical as an individual purchase
  • Helping to support farmers – Christmas trees provide a profitable harvest on otherwise unproductive land

Our Christmas trees begin life as humble seeds, carefully hand-selected from specially managed forests. Then, for the next three to four years, they are meticulously nurtured and tended to in a nursery.
When our little trees are strong enough, they’re placed in vast outdoor plantations where they’re closely cared for and watched for a further three to seven years.

Once they’ve reached their perfect size, our trees are then cut, cleaned and securely netted, so they have a safe trip to your Leigh Trees store.

And our Christmas trees, whether pot-grown or cut, are responsibly sourced as part of our work with the FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®), PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) and TFT (The Forest Trust).

From seed to your home, every part of our Christmas tree’s story.